An unscheduled visit to Robert Mugabe’s presidential house

(This is a re-post, in light of today's military takeover in Zimbabwe) Today's GPS, which even calculates the space-time difference between the ground and the satellite giving it information, is sadly not so good at knowing what changes have taken place on the roads it guides you through during the day. And so it was … Continue reading An unscheduled visit to Robert Mugabe’s presidential house


I never really liked school, and they weren't the best days of my life. So there, I've said it. I was an occasional bunker, but not so's you'd notice. On our school bus, which went to the school which gave me another chance after I'd been expelled from my previous school, there were a bunch … Continue reading THE DAY THE WHOLE BUS BUNKED


My parents are good country folk, my Mom was an English and Art teacher, and my Dad was a printer, and in his earlier days, a prizefighter and then legit boxer. They had already had their share of their wayward young son's waywardness. Now they had to deal with his expulsion from school. My worst … Continue reading SO WHEN MY FOLKS FOUND OUT


  Hm. Things finally overflowed between me and my Head Master towards the end of my fourth year in high school. By this time, I had built up a long history of subordination, rebelliousness, tomfoolery, and even actual disobedience, which was reflected in up to six red stripes across my ass daily. These stripes were … Continue reading EXPELLED


The prep master that evening, when I had bunked to do the grocery shopping and political science 101, was our PT (Physical Training) and Geography master. We were not on cordial terms, either. So when he called my name at prep that evening, he asked me to stand up. This prevented any of my friends … Continue reading BUT THE NEXT DAY…

Where there are a million blues before breakfast

I saw them on postcards, and on the travel  channel, in my wishes, and sometimes in a James Bond film. I never really thought I’d see the real blue blues of the tropical seas as they laze near beaches and shallows and islands and deeper channels. And then I found myself climbing on this skiboat … Continue reading Where there are a million blues before breakfast

Short Story…or Chapter…?

Stories..or Chapters..? It’s long been a dilemma of mine. Whilst I’ve written lots of long form (mostly movies), I often find myself with a bunch of stories huddled around my imagination, waiting for me to write the next one in the family. Problem with that is , this is what the publishers will say ‘ … Continue reading Short Story…or Chapter…?

How many words a day?

This varies from writer to writer. But there does seem to be a rule of thumb – 1,000 words a day. If you look through the literature, that number pops up with regularity, for writers across the centuries. That’s about four typed pages in double spacing, or two and a half pages handwritten, for those … Continue reading How many words a day?

We can tell a lot about each other in one glance

  It might be a partner, a colleague, a stranger, a long lost friend, or even an enemy. And it’s because we do more than see. There’s a hint of perfume, or tobacco, or alcohol. There’s a pitch or tone to the voice that is stressed, excited, perhaps distant, or inviting. Their posture is hurried, pensive, … Continue reading We can tell a lot about each other in one glance

When you lean on a Black Mamba’s house

Being an uninvited guest in someone’s home is always awkward. My day started beautifully. First light over the confluence of the Shashe and Limpopo rivers is beautiful, at any time of year. It’s also the best time to walk. I was camping alone in the Shashe Wilderness, Tuli Circle area, where Zimbabwe and Botswana meet. … Continue reading When you lean on a Black Mamba’s house