My writing journey started when I was about nine years old.

Yep, I was one of the lucky ones that knew what I wanted to do at that tender age.

After conscription in the Air Force, I trod the streets of Johannesburg looking for a paying job as an advertising copywriter.

Finally got one the day I first wore sandals and socks (my feet were chewed up and blistered by the new shoes my Mom had bought me, so I had no choice) . I think they thought, ‘wow, he must be creative, he wears sandals and socks.’

Anyway, countless ads and TV commercials later, and after running my own ad agency with a partner for 17 years, I decided to leave the ad business(a great income source, and training ground, for aspirant writers, and beats the hell out of starving in a garret).

Started making wildlife documentaries and history, sociological and nature films, and was lucky to have a number of these flighted on National Geographic Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, and  other channels around the world.

To date, I’ve written over fifty broadcast scripts for documentaries, and this really is my speciality, although I have now published two books, my first novel, ‘Walk in the Cool’

and my first e-Book,  ‘Stories from the Wild’  about some of my experiences filming wildlife in Africa, is on Amazon and iBooks at https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/ or on Amazon http://a.co/182Wlbj

Stories From The Wild COVER .


For those who want to write the documentary, I am working on an e-Book ‘Writing for the Documentary’ which I hope to have out in the next three months. There will also be a free download of some tips I have picked up over the years on this too.


In the meantime, I’m busy working on my next novel,a sci-fi adventure called ‘Alien Vets’

This will come out as a series, and there are two graphic novels from it, as well, so more on that later. (You can read an excerpt from one of the chapters in my blog post ‘I was lucky’ on this site.

Until later. Enjoy the journey!


Me filming wolves in Yellowstone – what a privilege !