‘How to Make Wildlife Films’ is available on a pre-launch special

How to make wildlife films Book MockUp 2 REVISEDI took over thirty years of wildlife film-making experience and condensed some of the useful tips, techniques, and anecdotes ( accompanied by links to video clips of the films, or video tutorials), and put it into my new 250 page e-Book .(Print book available on demand). You can check out excerpts from the book, and the table of contents on the links below:How to make Wildlife films iBooks and Amazon URL Poster


Having made a number of films flighted on National Geographic Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, and many more broadcasters worldwide, it was a pleasure to combine my profession with my passion.

I am primarily a writer and producer, and so the book focuses strongly on story, but does not neglect the essentials of camerawork,sound, editing, and more.

From down to-60 C  and over 45 C, in the beautiful snow valleys of the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone, to the Okavango Delta, to the forests of Germany and Poland, and the wide open savannas of Africa, I learned a lot (and I’m a slow learner).

It’s now my pleasure to give back in  the form of this book, to those who would love to turn their love of wildlife and nature into a profession too.Will soon post some chapter excerpts, and the table of contents for you here. All the best.

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