Digital Video – the 21st Century Writer’s Typewriter

Deon and I filming at Madikwe IMG_6602

Yep, that’s me looking through the viewfinder, filming a television series (The Wild Bunch)on endangered species in Madikwe, South Africa. With me, seated, is photographer and lodge manager, Deon de Villiers.

These days, a writer’s work is often accessed via video, and with the medium of written expression changing rapidly, it’s almost essential for every writer to master writing for film and television, and if not, at least to use the medium to promote his or her works.

‘Written and Directed by’, or Written and Produced by’ are becoming ever more dominant in the movie credits.

I love it, because if you can write the book, you can write the movie, or vice versa.And it just gives you so  much more control. The editing room floors are littered with the works of good writers who gave their creation over to Hollywood.

Not always a bad thing, but why not develop your film writing skills so you can translate your creation into visual form? Heck, you worked hard enough writing the book.

How hard can it be to extend your skill? In a word, hard. There will also be those who say  stick to what you know, stick to the written page. May be good for some, but if you want the edge, you have the talent, so take it to the next medium.

To view the promo of my series ‘The Wild Bunch’ check out

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