When the words, and the picture, are worth a thousand words.

Rob directing crunch

Writing script to picture, and/or editing picture to script, to maximize meaning and power of the statement, is part of the twenty-first century non-fiction writer’s skill. Writing for film , with the script widely acknowledged as ‘the currency of film’,is tough because it’s not just the images in your head you’re putting together, but the images on the screen.

I’ve written close to seventy scripts, maybe more, to date, and still regard myself as learning this facet of the art. Making the words not explain, or describe the picture, but adding the ‘mise en scene’, giving it a new dimension with a few carefully chosen words, and at times, not words, is part of the beauty of this parallel process.

(The pic is of me directing talented actor Nicol Ramsauer for the next scene – note the script in hand )

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