Writing historical docu-drama

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 11.52.59 AMResearch, research and research.

If you’re passionate about your subject, this will be a discovery filled part of the journey, before you write a word.If not, don’t write the doc.Write something else that you love.

The production still above is from my TV series ‘Black, White & Khaki’, and this particular scene deals with the British burning of Boer homes, and the placing of their wives and children, as well as the black women and children on the farm, in concentration camps.

The facts on this event were obscured, even hidden or undisclosed, for decades, and it takes some digging to try to get at the truth. The essence, for me, was to try to capture what it felt like, in the script, and in the final picture.

Documentaries, and dramatized documentaries, are growing by popular demand, so if you like the genre, find something you’d really like to say about the history that touches you, and write it… till next time, have a great year.


The actors were, from left to right: Johan Wolfaardt, Thelma Roos, Tayla Rimmel, Kayla Holmes, and Funekile Sejana.



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