IMG_4697Entered the National Novel Writing Month(NaNoWriMo) last year, quite reluctantly.
I didn’t really believe in pumping a novel out in thirty days just because.
But I did think, well, who the hell am I to criticize unless I try it?
So I did.
Did the novel got the T-shirt.
It did help though, that I had an idea for a horror novel lurking in the
bemused Hitchcock alcove of my brain.
But hell, the pace ! Close to 2000 words a day.
And they all have to cling together to form actual scary sentences, cheered on by stolid paragraphs
and even whole monster chapters.
I started enjoying it, started finding a rhythm and liked the idea of having to find the
solution to a corner I had put my protagonists in through my own careless typing fingers.
Our popped ‘The Flower Bath Horror’.
A kind of paleo-anthropological horror story, if you wish.
Two couples break away for a spur of the moment weekend, and find themselves at an old, run-down spa bath resort.
The marshes nearby are fed by an ancient volcanic eye, and the heated mineral waters
have a strange, prehistoric character. This becomes pervasive, and takes the form of beings, real or imagined, that are fearsome, elusive, often dangerous, and always calling the visitors to their most primitive states.
In amongst the mystery and the murders, there is a type of love. Tim and Amanda, on a blind date weekend, start finding our more about each other, in and out of bed, and have to overcome life-threatening forces, to try to hang on to something of value that brings them together.

All in my new novel, out the end of the week , on Amazon and iBooks initially.

Oh yes, and through I wrote the 50,000 words (56,000 actually), the book needed polishing, editing, and quite a bit of punctuation (not my strongest point.)
So the answer to other writers out there is yes. You can write a novel in a month. But It’s like making bolognaise. You still have to serve it hot and lay the table, as well as clean up the kitchen after.

(Oh, and the pic? That’s me at my earlier book launch of my Sci-Fi Trilogy ‘Adventures of Alien Vets/Dirty Lightspeed’. Been busy…)

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