Carl was taut with the intensity of what he saw…

water bubbles

‘I see them now, Prof, I see them…’. Crichton turned and stared at the water.
‘What is it..what do you see?’. Amanda’s voice was trembling.
But the two men ignored her, their eyes following some movement in the water.
Alistair shook his head.’Prof’s at it again – water wraiths or some-such…’
But then Alistair tensed, and looked intently into the water. ‘Holy sh…there is something!’
Jenna shrieked. ‘This is scary – I want to get out!’


Supposed to be enjoying a spontaneous weekend away, two couples find horror, both real and imagined, in my new novel. ‘The Flower Bath Horror’, out end November on Amazon on iBooks.

More excerpts soon.

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