What the hell was that?Jenna gasped

Mist on water

…with alarm.
They stopped, and looked at the ground, which was behaving like jelly under their feet.
Then it came again, and they could see the pools of marsh water shaking.
‘Let’s get the hell out of here..!’,Carl shouted, urging Jasper forward, as he was blocking the path. Jasper stood transfixed, staring at the shivering waters.
‘Come on man!’, Carl yelled at Jasper, who snapped out of his trance, and walked on as briskly as he could.
They nearly made it. With the little creaky gate in sight, the earth heaved up beneath them, rising like the back of a giant animal, and tossed them like skittles into the shivering pools of water, and the mounds of grass.


A further excerpt from my new novel ‘The Flower Bath Horror’, out end Nov on Amazon and iBooks.

More glimpses later!

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