‘Mutations?’, Tim queried.

Skulls FlorisB mutationsCertainly. A number of the bone and fossil finds here show mutated structures, between
related species – we’re trying to find out why it’s endemic to this area’. Tim, if not the others, was fascinated. ‘What do you think causes them?’, he asked.
Jussi laughed, a strange and almost warning laugh. ‘If I knew, I would write a paper’.
‘But surely you have a hypothesis, a gut feel. ‘ It was Amanda, pushing the conversation along.
Jussi hesitated, and looked at them carefully, and was about to answer when another denizen of the resort entered the room.
‘It’s the spring, the hole down to hell – that’s what it is’, the newcomer spat at them.
He was very small in stature, and could easily be mistaken for a ten or twelve year old child because of his height. But his bulky biceps, wispy and greying hair, and salt and pepper chin stubble belied this impression quickly.


An excerpt from ‘The Flower Bath Horror’, my new thriller/horror novel.

Two couples on an impulsive weekend getaway find themselves in a twist in time, where, as the one character states, there is ‘a hole down to hell’.

By the end of the weekend, few will be left alive, and their world, and perhaps our world, will be on the way to changing forever.

The book will the available on Amazon and iBooks in e-book end November, from around $2,99. Enjoy!

The Flower Bath Horror Full cover






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