Outside,a fractured and waxing moon slid up through the darkness

Moon and mist

The eye of the spring that created the dank and spreading marshlands, was now troubled.
Its waters heaved and bubbled, steaming their discontent over the low-lying restiads and
peat bogs. A figure moved out in the clinging mist. It was a silhouette of tangled hair
and fur, and it was crawling and standing alternately, as if it was looking for something hidden in the swamps.
Far below, the plates that made the scales of the earth move this way and that, shifted and groaned, pushing closer together, and narrowing the artery of volcanic, heated water that boiled upwards from the depths of the Earth, into the Eye.
Something was running on the marshlands, and the urgency of its passing swept against the tall grass, whispering fear. Then. above the rustling, a piercing grunt, filled with pain and surrender, sharpened the night. Just above the waving grass, a furred back bent, and
surveyed its fallen prey.

In my new novel, ’The Flower Bath Horror’, (available end November on Amazon, Kindle and iBooks) ,the ancient marshland surrounding the old spa resort, is in itself a character, casting its brooding spell over many of the fearsome happenings in the book.

The above is a further little teaser ( from Chapter Two). I hope you enjoy these little tasters of the book, and thanks for your interest.




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