Once she was sure he was asleep…

The Flower Bath Horror Full cover

She slipped from the bed, and gathered the two babies in the next room, wrapping them tightly, each in a bedsheet. Then she stole from the house, and out onto the moor.She had given them each a little painkiller syrup.

She didn’t want them to wake up screaming halfway across the windy and mist covered marshlands.That time would come, when she lowered them into the heated waters of the Eye.

A paragraph excerpt from my upcoming book ‘The Flower Bath Horror’, which will be out in e-Book form on Amazon, Kindle, and iBooks end November.

I still have a few e-book copies for Beta readers and reviewers, so just contact me via comments or my email, and I can email you one.

I will be posting more excerpts to fill some more of the mosaic out, over the next few days.









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