It wasn’t a blind date, it was a blind weekend…

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Arranged by their mutual friends, Carl and Jenna.

And so Tim and Amanda found themselves at a rundown old resort
in the middle of an eerie marshland.

That was okay. Until they had to share a room on their first night.

And even that was okay. Until a squat and malformed creature, with a melted face,
clawed onto the roof of Carl’s car in the middle of the night…

This all happens in the first chapter.Things get stranger for the next twenty-seven chapters.But good things also happen. Tim and Amanda start falling for each other. Trouble is, something is trying to kill them.

But is it something that’s two hundred and fifty-nine thousand years old, or is it just their own hallucinations?

My new book, ‘The Flower Bath Horror’ launches at the end of November on Amazon, Kindle, and iBooks, at around $2,99. In it, you’ll find some answers, but to find out who’s been impregnated with an ancient past, you’ll have to wait for Book Two. 🙂

PS: I would love to send the book out to five Beta readers, and if you’re interested, the first five mails requesting a copy from will get a .pdf. I would like your thoughts and reviews as well please, thanks.

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