Why the leopard is more dangerous

Leopard cubs
How can that be? This is a cat that retreats from danger, that is shy and
secretive, often only nocturnal.

There is a reason.

A leopard is solitary. If it is injured, even slightly, it may not be able to hunt,
and if it can’t hunt, it will die, sooner rather than later.

So. It will always choose flight rather than face injury. But if it is cornered or trapped, it
will fully commit to fight, not flight. It has to. If it can do as much damage to its foe as fast as possible, and ideally get away unscathed, it will live to see another day.

That’s why it is so dangerous.

Lions, in contrast, work as a team. If one is injured, the team still hunts, and the injured cat can join them at the meal, until it heals.

Not an option for a leopard.

Of course, there are some times when leopards are not solitary, such as when
mating, when the male joins up, usually only very briefly, with the female.

Then, sadly, she is left with the baby. I was lucky enough to film something unusual the other day, a leopard mother with twin cubs. Took a screen grab, above, of the cubs. Enjoy.

Til next time, stay wild.


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