The joy of feedback from readers

When I started out writing books, I was terrified of feedback from readers, worried that
they would tear my work, and indirectly, me, apart.
Now, with feedback coming in regularly from readers, I have to say I am in awe.
Readers have taught me some very valuable lessons:

1. Readers are very forgiving. They want a good story, and will overlook stuff to get there( a lady recently pointed out a few typos in the second part of my latest novel ‘Dirty Lightspeed’ but then went on to tell me how much she loved the main character, Luke, and that she would date him ‘in a shot’). She was willing to overlook the glitches (which we are subsequently correcting in the e-Book – the print version will have to go down to ‘First Edition’ haste.) to follow the character, and she was actually seeing my character in her imagination, and powerfully. I was elated.

IMG_48462. Readers are bright, and knowledgeable. They are not a mass.They are individual, caring, highly literate, journeyers with you on the voyage of the book. Their feedback has without fail been incisive, insightful, and revelatory. They will help me write even better work in the future.

3. Readers are part of the team. They will travel with you if you let them, and
will support you all the way if you give them a great story, characters and
escape, with passion and sincerity.
4. Readers are honest. Not all the feedback I get is positive. They help me see the wood for the trees. My latest novel, part of my ‘Alien Vets’ science fiction trilogy, goes back and forward in time (in the characters’ time). This technique is traditionally tough to write. Maybe I over-reached. Some of my readers pointed out that the time shifts were not as clear as I thought. But they let me know, and I will be more attentive to explaining a little more next time.

Thank you, readers. You make me write better.

Alien Vets 500kb
Alien Vets is available in softcover directly from the author, at

and the e-books, broken into Volume 1 & 2 separately, or a combined double volume,
are available from:


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