It was a great day for my book launch!

Alien Vets Book COVER smaller file size copyFor midwinter, I couldn’t have wished for better. The sun was shining warmly, and everyone sat out on the lawn.The best part was, they all came there to hear about my new book. Even better, most of them bought my book. Thanks everyone.

The Adventures of Alien Vets, in hardcopy, is book one and two combined, of the Adventures of our two intrepid space heroes, Inca Jaeger and Luke O’Riainn.

Their lives are threatened in trying to thwart the Raggo’s (the giant corporate conglomerate of planetary Raiders, who plunder whole planets for their resources) While trying to save ecosystems and animals, on planets spanning various galaxies. they are caught in the tightening snares of an even greater evil – the deadly alien super-race, the Ricxkl, who aim to bring death to every living thing (including themselves).

The e-books of the first two volumes ‘Alien Vets’ and ‘Dirty Lightspeed’ are available in Kindle on Amazon:  Alien Vets On Amazon Kindle

Or on iBooks The Adventures of Alien Vets at Apple iBooks, or directly from me on pdf. at

I also have printed books  (Volume One and Two combined 284 pages)) available on order, at R 249 excluding  postage and packaging, for those who prefer an actual hard copy.

Thank you everyone in the Henley community who came out in support, and bought my books. Thanks also to my first reviewer, Kayley Williams, whose short and sweet review is: ” I loved it!”

Thanks also to Jeani Varty for translating my cover concepts into such beautiful art, and Thelma Roos and Benjamin Waldron for all their hard work getting this launch happening.

I’ve attached a selection of pics from the launch – also donated three of these First Editions to Katie, at the Henley Library – thanks Katie and Prudence for letting us host the launch at your great venue!

So next? On to Cape Town, Johannesburg, and, as one of my readers said, ‘New York and London’. I look forward to the journey.

Alien Vets Vol 2 Cover

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