My Book Launch this Saturday

IMG_4086 Henley River


I’m starting off in my home town, amongst family and friends, in the little riverside village of Henley on Klip, South Africa. Saturday 30 June, 10.30 am.

I’ve decided to do it at the local library, to do my little bit to promote reading.

Last night, I was speaking at one of the local book clubs, and they came up with a great idea, a street library where books you don’t need are left in a weatherproof dispenser for others to borrow and read, at no cost. Our local councillor is getting the container made, and it will be erected in the street outside the Henley library.

The whole thing depends on trust, but I believe it’s worth a shot – there are a lot of people out there who can’t afford books, even from a library, and this is a great way to share reading with the community. (I know this has been done overseas, but not in SA, to the best of my knowledge.)

Back to my book . As you’ll know,if you’ve read my earlier blogs, it’s titled ‘The Adventures of Alien Vets’ . Science fiction and intergalactic love story meet. The print copy is actually the first two volumes of the series, and is 284 pages.

It’s my third book, and I have two more on the way towards the end of the year, so watch this space!

The e-Books are available in two volumes, the first being ‘The Adventures of Alien Vets’ and the second being ‘Dirty Lightspeed’ combined as on in the softcover.

Alien Vets Book COVER smaller file size copy

Alien Vets Vol 2 Cover

They’re available both on iBooks volume one, volume two,  and Amazon volume one,  both in Kindle version.

Check out my other two books there if you like. (The other two are also available on iBooks and Amazon and Barnes and Noble in Kindle – they are ‘Walk in the Cool’ and ‘Stories from the Wild’.)

My next launches will be in Johannesburg, and then in Cape Town, and then…

I look forward to the journey – and meeting readers from everywhere.


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