Hm. Things finally overflowed between me and my Head Master towards the end of my fourth year in high school.

By this time, I had built up a long history of subordination, rebelliousness, tomfoolery, and even actual disobedience, which was reflected in up to six red stripes across my ass daily.

These stripes were recorded on my blazer and were shamefully high.

I was rebelling against everything,and the two valuable escapes I had were playing rugby, and track athletics.Oh, and possibly my girlfriend at ‘Hags’, our sister college down the road.

When a far right wing party during the apartheid era suggested ‘wit apartheid’ ie, separateness of Afrikaans and English speaking people, as well, I finally snapped.

After matric,we were all being ‘called up’ or conscripted, to serve in the army, to fight a war against ‘terrorists’ (guerilla insurgents) who were fighting for their freedom and rights in South Africa. This was a war that apartheid thinking would never win.

Now there was a move to push people further apart.

Myself and a discreet group of politically and green-grocer minded associates, decided to raise hell at a town hall meeting of the rightists.

On the way, we stopped and spent valuable pocket money at the grocer’s. He was pleased to sell us over-ripe tomatoes and racks of eggs.

We started by asking a few questions at the meeting, like ‘ When I get called up, who should I shoot first, the Afrikaans guy next to me, or the black guy in the camo?’

This didn’t go down well, so we started with the projectiles.

Here, the first throw, from myself, was incredibly lucky. The egg curved in a perfect arc and exploded on the speaker’s microphone, creating a noise like a war zone.

Then the rest of the grocery arsenal came into play, and soon the meeting descended into chaos. I must say that we enjoyed considerable support from some quarters within the town hall, and could leave with our sensibilities and bodies unscathed. One of our supporters was a most unlikely schoolmaster, who saw us, smiled a little and turned a blind eye.

I am grateful for that maturity and largesse to this day.

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