You might get what you wished for..


Everybody wants to go to where the sea is this blue, where the sailing is this peaceful, and the sun always shines.

I sure do.

In this case, we found ourselves in the Bazaruto archipelago, Indian Ocean, off the coast of Mozambique.

As a writer, the ideal here would be, sitting on a patio, overlooking the beach, and writing a feature article for a famous magazine, emailing it via satellite link, and then sipping a daiquiri as the sun sets.


Well, that’s what I would have hoped for.

Instead, it meant me diving to the bottom of a murky patch of this beautiful blue, in amongst some killer jellyfish, searching for an elusive dugong.

And while this pic was being taken from the air by my partner Thelma, I was underwater, thinking about where I might find a dugong, and what might find me.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. Its just that the big blue doesn’t always wrap around you the way you dream it .

It so happens that the dugongs on the east coast of Africa are highly endangered.


There are only a few hundred of them left.

And paradise looks good, but at night, so the local fishermen tell me, the big super trawlers from Asia come in to the territorial waters, and longline, sweeping up everything in their path, including dugongs.

So while I had little time to enjoy the blue waters and the squeaky white beach sand, not to mention the seafood and the sun, I did have the time to capture images and write, and let the world know about the plight of the dugongs here.

Both the Worldwide Fund for Nature and the Endangered Wildlife Trust have conservation projects for these vast and gentle creatures that feed on seagrass and mean no one any harm, so if you’d like, contact them and donate.

Paradise is what you make of it, I guess – and being in paradise with a purpose, makes it even better for me.

So I guess I got what I wished for. Now I’m going to make a wish about for the dugongs…


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