How many words a day?

typeface-img-smaller.jpgThis varies from writer to writer. But there does seem to be a rule of thumb – 1,000 words a day. If you look through the literature, that number pops up with regularity, for writers across the centuries. That’s about four typed pages in double spacing, or two and a half pages handwritten, for those of us who eschew computers and such.

I am quite cosy with that number, and try for it daily. Often don’t make it, and often go way over that. My best time for writing my own stuff ( I write at work daily, as well) is when I get in from my office ( which is a twenty yard walk to my house door) is straight after work, from about 6 pm to 8 pm. I do this daily, five days and week, and pick a time on Saturdays to write anytime, if I’m not working the whole day Saturday ( which happens surprisingly often.) Sometimes,

I only crack a half hour or forty minutes, other times I forget about the time and find I’ve done five or more pages. The most important game changer for me was setting this time daily, and grabbing onto it with my teeth and snarling and worrying it. I was amazed at how much my work grew weekly. I’m now sitting with my completed sci-fi novel, Alien Vets(working title), at 192 pages, because of this. It’s also the only way I could complete my first novel, ‘Walk in the Cool’, (300 pages, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback or as e-Book.).

Wanna hear the best part? The best part is when you have written your first draft, and get to go back and re-visit your stories and polish and fix and tear out and cry a little. It’s easier, and forces you to stare your work in the face, and re-examine, raise the bar, cut, add, and generally take out the unnecessary stuff you thought was nice the first time you wrote it. Hard, I know, but that’swhat we signed on for. In short, I don’t believe it matters what your words per day are. Just live with your work daily, nurture it, grow it, and build it. That could be 100 words, or 10,000 words, you will now. The real trick is. Daily.

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