Little Rob 1 Crop

Yours truly, at age 11.

First days of anything are usually memorable, and so it was with my first day of high school, and of boarding school.

All of eleven years of age (yes, I was younger than all my classmates) I was feeling sad to be away from my parents, and awed by the old buildings and new discoveries.

We were all gathered into the Prep room of the Head House, and our illustrious Head Master then proceeded to address us, half sitting on a desk just a few feet from me.

The address was solemn and I soon started taking in the sports trophies and certificates and other important looking paraphernalia adorning the the walls and shelves.

The standard sixes (grade 8’s) were all gathered before the Head, and nearby was our house matron. My eyes fastened on something unusual.

The Head Master’s fly was open, and there was a partly illuminated black hole behind it.

In the black hole, I could see what looked like a small mushroom, bowing dutifully, or sleeping. When I realised what it was, I double checked. Yes, it was a perfectly comfortable looking little pecker. I’m not sure if I was more surprised at seeing his willy

nestled in its nest, or that he didn’t wear underpants. I had to start smiling. Then I had to share it with the guy next to me. Soon, all the new boys were pulsing to the rhythm of contained giggles.

The matron became concerned at our disrespect, then noted its cause, and promptly blushed and left the room, no doubt to check on her dispensary.

This was my introduction to my Head Master. Our relationship did not blossom.

Whilst I did not disrespect him for hanging his penis out for all to see, I did grow to disrespect him for many other things over the years, culminating in him expelling me from the school for being a political activist ( I protested against a far right wing party of the then apartheid government, at a meeting in the Town Hall.)

There was one teacher who sprang to my defence the day I was expelled. I will tell that story next time.


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